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35th ID Soldiers practice battlefield lifesaving skills at Fort Hood

Feb. 18, 2022 | By Bailey Hittle
Several Soldiers of the 35th Infantry Division completed a weeklong Combat Life Saver course for their mobilization training Feb. 7-11, 2022, at the Medical Simulation Training Center at Fort Hood, Texas.

During the course, Soldiers from Kansas and Missouri recovered casualties, treated wounds in the field, and evacuated simulated casualties from a realistic battlefield environment. The skills practiced included the application of tourniquets and pressure dressings to stop bleeding, applying chest seals over arterial wounds, learning to secure casualties, and maintaining adequate oxygen and open airways on unconscious patients.

"It's vital that medics have combat life savers to assist us," said Cpl. Lail Harvey, a medic and instructor at the Medical Simulation Training Center at Fort Hood. "You, as combat life savers, can help make a big difference. You can treat a casualty and then we can do the rest."

Upon completion of the course, all Soldiers received a three-year certification as combat life savers and were armed with a better understanding of the principles of tactical combat casualty care.
"I'm glad they had this kind of course here at Fort Hood," said Master Sgt. Daniel Moore, spectrum manager in the 35th ID’s Communication Section. "I learned a lot. It's definitely going to help Soldiers on and off the battlefield."