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Guard engineers repairing fence line at Kansas Training Center

Feb. 11, 2022 | By Bailey Hittle
In early January, while most units were returning from the holidays, engineers at the Kansas Training Center in Salina were back on the job, repairing fences surrounding the complex. Repairing the fence line had been identified as a top physical security priority.

“The challenge was how to get the engineers complete access to the range without interfering with training units and environmental constraints that exist in the summer time,” said Capt. Hans Stephensen, battalion executive officer, Kansas Training Center. “It was decided that the best time of year to execute this project would be January, when there’s a natural lull in training.”
The project was assigned to Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Murphy, who organized and carried out the mission with his team, Sgt. 1st Class Jesse Gould, Staff Sgt. Jake Neff and Sgt. Alexander Longoria. In just eight days, the Soldiers cleared one mile of fence line that was overgrown with trees. Although the recent winter weather did not deter them in their mission, the engineers noted some damage to the fence line where heavy winds had blown over trees, marking these sections for further repair.
Stephensen said he was proud of his engineers and all their hard work.

“It was tremendously successful and I think we have found the way forward for clearing and repairing the remaining nine miles of fence,” said Stephensen. “We are hoping that every year we can complete at least one to two miles of fence line so that in five years we will be done with the entire 10 miles. Then we will just maintain it so that the vegetation is kept away from the fence.”