Governor proclaims September as Kansas Preparedness Month

Aug. 31, 2020 | By slarson

Championship basketball coach Bobby Knight once said I dont believe in luck, I believe in preparation.

Sound advice for anyone and everyone when it comes to being prepared for tornadoes, floods, wildland fires, blizzards or any of the other natural or man-made disasters Kansans face each year.

To remind Kansans to be prepared, Gov. Laura Kelly has signed a proclamation designating September as Kansas Preparedness Month.

We all want to protect our families from disasters, Kelly said. The best way to protect them is to be prepared. It doesnt take long or cost a lot to put together an emergency kit for your home or car and make an emergency plan. It wont stop a tornado or a flood, but it will ensure you and your loved ones can weather the storm until help arrives.

A home emergency kit should contain all the essentials every member of the family needs for at least seven days, including food and water, first aid supplies and medications, copies of important documents, flashlights and batteries, extra clothes and shoes, blankets or sleeping bags, and a battery operated radio. Other items such as comfort items and irreplaceable items can be added to your kit.

You should also prepare a disaster or emergency kit for your pet containing food and water for seven days, copies of vaccination records, photo of you with your pet, I.D. tags, leash and collar or harness, medications, blanket, crate, and toys.

During Preparedness Month, the Kansas Division of Emergency Management is also encouraging public to take part in its monthly online Preparedness Challenge at Its a fun way to help everyone work on their plans and preparations.

Additional information on disaster kits and family preparedness can be found at and