November is "Read the Label First, Don't Mix Chemicals" Month in Kansas

Nov. 15, 2018 | By slarson

Household chemicals are one of the many benefits of modern living. Theyre used for cleaning, disinfecting, pest control, gardening and a host of other jobs. When used according to the instructions on the label, they are perfectly safe. Misused, they can be harmful, even deadly. To remind Kansans to observe safety precautions when using household chemicals, the Technological Hazards Section of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management has launched its annual chemical safety outreach campaign for November. Governor Jeff Colyer signed a declaration designating November as Read the Label First, Don't Mix Chemicals Month in Kansas. During the month, KDEM will partner with a number of other state and local health agencies to provide information and educate the public on common household chemicals and household hazardous chemical safety. The labels on household chemicals are there for a good reason, said LTanya Christenberry, program consultant, Kansas Division of Emergency Management. Theyre like a recipe in a cookbook. You wouldnt make a cake without knowing what ingredients you need or how much of each ingredient you should use. If you dont follow the recipe, you end up with a kitchen disaster. In the same way, you should always read the label on any household chemical. It tells you how much you should use and what products it is safe to use with. Mixing the wrong chemicals can be harmful, even fatal. So always read the label before using any household chemical.