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Promotions August 2018

Sept. 21, 2018 | By slarson
Private 2nd Class -- Austin T Bright, Luis Martinez, Jessica Pal, Tyler Perez, Christian Sinclair, Jorge Tinoco Private 1st Class -- Briana Crossonkline, Traecy Freeman Specialist -- Chervonne Burleson, Samantha Casarez, Matthew Johnsonkiehl, Autumn Lake, Justice Mckernan, Kobe Riedel, Sergeant -- Sebastian Brown, Jesse Elder, Luke Fursman, Savana Valentine, Florian Winkler Staff Sergerant -- Kevin Costigan Sgt. 1st Class -- Elfrida Bailey, Patrick Stevens Master Sgt. -- Terry Rhoads Jr, Shane Rockers Captain -- Yianni Hermann Major -- Todd Stuke