The Kansas City, Kansas, Armory Annual Reunion

Oct. 9, 2017 | By mlucht
THE KANSAS CITY, KANSAS, ARMORY ANNUAL REUNION IS COMING UP. The date this year isFriday, November 10, 2017 LOCATION: Briedenthal Hall, Kansas City Armory, 18th and Ridge,(100 South 20th St) Kansas City, KS 66102 Anyone who has served or is still serving in the Kansas City Armory is invited. Any friends and family are also. We will open the doors around 1730 and eat around 1845. All food and drink will be provided. We will stay with the Bar-B-Q from Sneads in Belton, chips, Beer, soft drinks, coffee, water, etc. We ask anyone who wants to bring a dessert or any kind of side dish to please do so. This was started a few years back and has been very successful. (And most helpful to the residential Sergeant Major). It is not mandatory. We have always had plenty of desserts!! Cost is still $5 per person. The Citizens Military Committee will pick up the remainder of the costs like they have these last 11 years. You won't find a better bargain on aFridaynight. Pay at the door. Dress however you want. It's casual. Come and see old friends and fellow soldiers. Bring scrapbooks, memorabilia, a bottle of wine and, mostly, yourself and your memories. Sign up by emailing SGM (R) Steve Gfeller Let us know how many people you are bringing with you!!! Remember - Spouses, friends, relatives are invited. More information to follow. Steve Gfeller