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New system will integrate Army pay, personnel and talent management

Oct. 4, 2017 | By slarson

Beginning in August of next year, Kansas Army National Guardsmen will have a new tool to help them with their personnel records. The Integrated Personnel and Pay System Army, set to go online in August 2018, will integrate personnel, pay and talent management capabilities into a single system available to all U.S. active-duty and reserve component Soldiers. The Army National Guard will be the first component to implement the system. Active-duty and Army Reserve Soldiers will be able to access IPPS-A beginning in fiscal year 2019. The new system is auditable and designed to integrate more than 30 current pay and recordkeeping systems while eliminating more than 300 interfaces. All Soldiers will receive a one-hour distance learning session to learn how to access the system and update their records. Initially, IPPS-A, which replaces the Standard Installation and Division Personnel Reporting System, will allow Soldiers to update their own personnel records with near real-time 24/7 global access. In the following years, IPPS-A will expand its capabilities to include pay and evaluation and retention management. The latter function will track a Soldiers education, training, experience and training and analyze abilities, intelligence, preferences and background with the goal of matching Soldiers to the right job. It will also facilitate readiness for deploying units and enhance the ability of the director of the Army National Guard to manage Solders in the full-time Title 10 program.