News | July 17, 2020

35th Military Police train with Kansas Highway Patrol

By By Pfc. Josef Leo 105th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

TOPEKA, KS – Soldiers of Kansas Army National Guard 35th Military Police Company, 891st Engineer Battalion, 635th Regional Support Group received training from the Kansas Highway Patrol on reasonable suspicion, probable cause and how to conduct proper vehicle searches July 16 at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Topeka.

The partnership between the KSARNG and the Kansas Highway Patrol is a way for both organizations to increase readiness and provide assistance to one another when the need arrives.

Staff Sgt. Logan Littell, 35th MP Company, works full time for the Highway Patrol as an Intelligence Analyst. Littell explained that the unit has not had much opportunity to train on garrison-type tasks recently because the training focus has been more on wartime training.

“That’s calming down, so now we’re focusing more on garrison-type MP duties,” said Littell. “This is a great opportunity for MPs, as the Highway Patrol has a lot of knowledge that we can lean on and learn from.”

The 35th MP Company had both classroom and hands on training on how to search a vehicle for any possible contraband being transported into the state. Students were also taught how to interact properly with possible suspects. Instruction also covered how to identify drug traffickers entering the state.

“I think this gives the Guard a better idea of what exactly we do on the highway,” said Technical Trooper Derek Carr of the Kansas Highway Patrol. Carr works with the Domestic Highway Enforcement Team, which is part of Troop N. “Logan came to us during my second year, which is when I first heard about the partnership, and I have gotten to know more about the Kansas Army National Guard since I came over to Troop N.”

The ongoing partnership improves the capabilities of Kansas law enforcement entities by creating a shared understanding of operating procedures across the state, creating a more effective force to deter criminal activity.

“I appreciate having the opportunity to come out and educate [the 35th MPs] on what we’re doing,” said Carr. “It makes everyone better when we understand each other’s jobs.”