Kansas National Guard hosts annual fitness, marksmanship competitions

To be of service to their state and nation, members of the Kansas National Guard are required to keep themselves physically fit. They also have to demonstrate a proficiency with military handguns and rifles.

Soldiers and Airmen of the Kansas National Guard will be testing those physical and marksmanship skills Sept. 16-17 during the Army Physical Fitness Training competition and Adjutant General’s Combat Marksmanship Championship Match.

The 235th Regiment is hosting the 21st annual Army Physical Fitness Training competition Saturday, Sept. 16 at the Kansas Regional Training Institute in Salina, beginning at 8 a.m.

The competition consists of the three events that are in the Army Physical Fitness Test. Competitors have two minutes to complete as many push-ups as possible and two minutes to complete as many sit-ups as possible. Competitors will also do a timed two-mile run.

Awards are given to the top three participants in each category.

Contestants may compete as a four-member team or as individuals. Each company, battalion or squadron in the Kansas National Guard is authorized three teams.

Point of contact for the competition is Sgt. 1st Class David Medina. He may be reached at david.medina.mil@mail.mil or by phone (785) 826-3753.

While those competitors are testing their physical abilities, others will be demonstrating their rifle and pistol marksmanship on the KSRTI firing ranges during the annual Adjutant General’s Combat Marksmanship Championship Match. The competition is open to all qualified Kansas Guardsmen and law enforcement officers. Competitors may enter as part of a four-person team or as individuals.

The opening ceremony for the match begins at 7 a.m. on Saturday and shooting competition will continued throughout the day. Competition will resume at 7 a.m. on Sunday.

Prizes will be awarded to individual and team winners in each category following the conclusion of the match.

For registration information contact:

Army National Guard and law enforcement – Staff Sgt. Derek Redenius, 316-619-7856, derek.t.reenius.mil@mail.mil or Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Debaere, 785-822-6614, joseph.e.debaere.mil@mail.mil

Air National Guard – Master Sgt. Joseph Weber, 785-861-4738, joseph.w.weber6.mil@mail.mil or Master Sgt. Daniel Snider, 785-861-4785, daniel.p.snider2.mil@mail.mil